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Founded in 2014 on the idea of changing the landscape experience

at Meadows Landscapes we set ourselves apart in the industry with our heavy focus on customer-service, attention-to-detail, and high-quality services. We stand behind our motto, “Customer Centric. Quality Obsessed.”

We truly care about our customers and the quality of our work. Our team provides a vast assortment of services to ensure the exterior of your home or business looks its best. Meadows Landscapes is your “all inclusive landscape service provider” for all your landscaping needs. Our expert team has the ability to handle all aspects of a landscape, from the initial installation through the maintenance of the landscape. We tailor our services to each client’s unique needs and property to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Easy Two-Step Project Process

A project like a hardscape project should be fun and not a headache. It’s something you’ve been working towards and dreaming about. Our easy two-step project process allow you to have peace-of-mind from start to finish.

Step 1 - Designing Your Landscape/Hardscape
Every well built project starts with a design. Just like with a budget, it’s important to understand what your end goal is for your property and landscape. By designing your hardscape and landscape, all aspects of the project will be planned out. This ensures you are getting your dream landscape or hardscape but also identifies aspects of a project that may not be feasible from a layout/buildout or even budget standpoint. Proper planning will save you time and money on the completion of your project.
Step 2 - Setting & Staying within Your Budget
It’s important to understand what your end goal or master plan is going to cost and how that will work with your budget. If a phased project is required, understanding what your initial budget is will be key in planning the initial and remaining phases of the project to ensure clients are receiving the most value at each phase. We will work closely with you throughout each phase and the project to do our best to stay within your budget.

Meet The Team

Ryan Meadows

Maintenance Director & President

Jeff Hardman

Business Development - Installation

Ryan Evans

Installation Manager

Luke Brummeler


Robert Humphries


Amy Travelstead

Project Coordinator

Campbell Turner

Account Manager

Addysan Meadows


Cassidy Autenrieth

Office Administrator

Customer Centric. Quality Obsessed.

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